Statewide Strategic Transit Assessment

The NHDOT oversees 11 public transit providers in the state, as well as intercity bus transportation supplied by a range of private companies. The transit systems range from rural areas in the north and west to more urbanized systems in the south and east. The providers range from private non-profit corporations, to community action programs, to city departments and authorities, to the University of New Hampshire. This Statewide Strategic Transit Assessment Study will bring together all available information about current public transportation service in the state and employ a series of inputs to develop a plan to improve the delivery of public transit service for New Hampshire residents and visitors. These inputs include the following:

  • Opinions and perspectives of relevant stakeholders, including regional planning commissions, coordinating councils, local officials, social service agencies and others;
  • Public outreach through meetings, social media and surveys;
  • Analysis of and consultation with intercity bus providers;
  • Analysis of future demand for transit service, vehicles and infrastructure;
  • Enhancement of performance measurement processes and evaluation of service proposals under various grant programs;
  • Application of new technologies to improve operational efficiency and rider information; and
  • Analysis of park & ride facilities as key access points to the public transportation system.

A summary of each phase follows:

Phase 1: Inventory and Evaluation of the Current Statewide Transit System. The first phase of the study will take stock of the existing transit system.

Phase 2: Public Outreach. Public input will occur at two levels. A series of important stakeholders meetings will occur and numerous opportunities for public review and comment at key decision points will be made.

Phase 3: Needs and Gap Analysis – Forecast of Future Demand This study is “forward looking” and thus an essential part of the study is an analysis of unmet needs and ways the system can grow and be made more efficient to meet those needs.

Phase 4: Park & Ride Assessment A comprehensive Statewide Park & Ride Facility Plan will be developed. This is a critical step to help NHDOT, the various local, regional, intercity, and intracity transit providers, and the general public to better understand and utilize the park & ride system.

Phase 5: Documentation. Documentation of the results and findings of Phase 1 through Phase 4 will be prepared in a series of technical memoranda, culminating in a final report. The final report will be available in hard copy and on the Internet.